Is It Possible for Women to Have Sex Without Getting Attached?

This question isn’t new but it will always be a hot topic between the sexes.

Growing up watching Sex and the City and witnessing Samantha’s antics at an impressionable age always allowed me to answer this question with a quick yes. “Just look at Samantha’s behavior,” I would begin, “not all women are as bold as she is but there are woman who have sex without becoming attached.” But women are different than men, and not in a bad way, we have different motivating factors that make me believe that we are more likely than not to make some form of an attachment. Notice I did not say clingy.

Personally speaking as a woman who has no interest in a relationship, a guy has to interest me before we have sex and that means mental stimulation. So not only have you gotten my attention, we have sex and its very good (because I have never heard of a woman clinging to someone who didn’t satisfy her). And on top of that I invested my time doing all of the above, so yes I have now formed an attachment. I don’t want you to be my man but I do want more sex. But speaking from a superficial standpoint, women could just get totally attached to your dick. If you have good D, it’s  hard to let that go because it’s a rare commodity. That and the time she spent showing you all of her hot spots. Now we have to start at square one with someone else and for some that’s no easy transition.

Also, women may become attached because it’s a bad  look for a girl to keep moving from one bed to the next and time just is not on our side and that freaks a lot of us out. When men ask women this question I feel like they have trouble seeing past there own perspective. For a guy no matter how progressive minded they are will never understand that women do not have the same luxury to fuck around for fun. Just look at me, I’m considered bold for creating this blog or speaking openly of sex because it’s simply not lady-like. Men: women can have sex with whoever they want while yelling “fuck these haters” but doing that is more superficial than it is effective in the justification of their active sex life.

Chances are it wasn’t an easy road for Samantha Jones in her formal years to enjoy a guilt-free sex life and her level of confidence took years to solidify. Men are granted that privilege at birth. Women are taught to find and keep a man for pretty much all of their lives so if we get attached that’s a driving factor. Is it possible for a woman to have sex without getting attached? Yes, it is possible but I suggest you screen the women you consider sleeping with and be VERY literal about not wanting anything serious and becoming more self aware so you can prevent sending any mixed signals.

And don’t think men don’t get attached either, I just want to clear that up too. There has been instances when I’ve told guys I don’t want a relationship and they were simply elated (yay a girl who gets it!) and although he never asked me to date him, as per our agreement, he would still catch an attitude if I was with other people. So I have a question, how do I avoid that situation?

Anyway, just communicate before gettin’ between the sheets so this question can die already. And if this doesn’t work for your situation it’s because she’s crazy. RUN.


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