Songs That’ll Transform Ya: Poetic Justice & Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar

I’ve been sleeping on Kendrick Lamar since his debut on hip-hop’s world stage in 2010 with his fourth mixtape Overly Dedicated, but I’ve finally stopped hitting the snooze button, woke up, and got my life.

Lamar’s entire album good kid, m.A.A.d city, is something like a phenomenon. I’m not sure how long I’m going to remain in rehab so that I can successfully be weaned off of this album and continue to live the productive life God intended for me. I blame my newfound addiction on my two favorite songs on the album, Money Trees and Poetic Justice.

Poetic Justice is a mixture of a chopped and screwed sample of Janet Jackson’s Anytime Anyplace, nostalgia of the 90s quiet storm era, and raw sex. This is the track you put on when you’re about to have sex with someone you’ve been trying to fuck for a minute. Have sex to the rhythm of Poetic Justice and tell me with a straight face that shit wouldn’t be fantastic. Close your eyes, put this track on, and think about that. This is the song you put on during a basement house party with the red light bulb after 1 AM when your good and drunk and confident and found someone to grind on and determined to bring his or her ass home.

While Poetic Justice makes me want to perfect my body roll, Money Trees straight up makes me wanna twerk something fierce while being a boss at the same damn time. This isn’t that let’s grind on each other song, no. Money Trees is that yeah-I-see-you-watchin-me-dance-from-afar-I-bet-you-want-THIS kind of song. This track is that kind of music a sensual stripper with attitude would dance too and she is determined to make it rain harder than Hurricane Sandy. The lyrics itself proves it isn’t meant to be an ass-shaking song but the beat gives me faith that I will run into some video on YouTube of a chick doing her damnedest to this beat. But shit would get real very quickly if they put this on in the club after a certain hour.

Both tracks reminds me that I need to seriously consider taking a pole dancing course.

Check them out:


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