Kelly Rowland’s Ice Causes Backlash, Another Case of ‘Haters Gonna Hate’

I seriously suggest you watch the video before reading this post…

…Bitch. Better. Work.

The first time I heard about the song was on NecoleBitchie.com but instead of clicking the link to hear it for myself I just wanted to see what other people thought and the first batch of comments were extremely negative which surprised me. I ran into comments like these:


Why is Kelly trying so hard to become a female Trey Songs?
 Not looking forward to the same garbage she sang last year


Kelly is a 1 trick pony and that limits her from broadening her fan base….


I really like Kelly, so it really hurts my heart to say this but…..Kelly has become nothing more than a glorified video girl. Just look at her last few videos. Sigh.

Work Can Be BORING:

Beautiful woman but she should take this ******** back to Europe…she is turning into an oversexed puppet

What kind of sorcery is this? I thought to myself. So I put the song on and was surprisingly in love with the beat accompanied by Rowland’s metaphorical lyricism. I believe the song definitely could have held its own without Lil Wayne on the track but he certainly did not ruin the song altogether. After replaying it several times while imagining a secret lover rubbing me down with ice in some secluded corner of a seedy club I came to the decision that Ice was my new jam. And that video? Come on son who can be mad at that. It was hot as ice and tasteful at the same time (something several successful artists fail to accomplish) so why all the drama? It’s not new that the commentators on Necole Bitchie’s site are haters (which is half of why I visit the site honestly) but then I noticed a trend when Clutchmagonline.com had commentators with the same critique: Kelly is being too trashy.

Nick Jr. does NOT approve of this message.

This confuses me for several reasons. First of all, Kelly Rowland is a grown woman who owns her sexuality and I applaud her for it. I don’t understand why other adults treat themselves like children when it comes to these provocative artists. You are grown too, if you can’t handle someone else being sexy and raunchy then that says more about yourself then the artist. Class let out a long damn time ago and we’re not in middle school anymore. Kelly Rowland is not performing Ice or Motivation for PBS Kids she is performing for herself while her grown and sexy demographic watches with bated breath. And if a child slips up and sees her commanding her own sexuality I doubt their childhood will forever be marred.

I just want to say this. When I was a kid I loved LL Cool J‘s Doin It. I rapped along with the song and watched the video because at seven my taste in music was ahead of the game. But I had no idea that I was rapping to LL’s dirty seduction to Lashaun and vice versa. I knew in the video they were being sexy but I still didn’t realize that the entire video was foreplay for the big event because I was seven. But guess what? Natsai had a lovely innocent childhood regardless. It was only later on that I realized what Doin It was about and now it’s funny to me that my seven year old self would sing this dirty ass song. How dare a conservative wish to take that memory from me! I could come up with a million more examples of sex that I didn’t notice as a kid until I was an adult, but I’m writing a blog not a book. Now, of course there are some things that children shouldn’t see but people just cannot dictate everything that is sexy to the point where adults themselves are treating each other like children.

I wish I could enjoy this image but I wouldn’t want to put my 35-year innocence at risk.

My final point is why all the backlash for Kelly Rowland when people love the raunchiness of Chris Brown, Rihanna, Trey Songz, and Lady Gaga’s crazy ass? (And that’s just naming a few.) I feel like it is a combination of people not allowing Kelly Rowland to exit the stigma of not being Beyonce, as well as the ever eternal shock of women exuding sexual confidence but to add insult to injury she has the audacity to be dark skinned while doing so.

*Sigh* It gets annoying to have common sense when common sense isn’t so common.

REALLY? I will never understand the shock of sex. I will never understand why people will criticize someone’s sexiness when it has no lasting effect on them. I will never understand why people treat sex like the Illuminati. It’s not some secret organization that will cause the world to stand still if its secrets are revealed. It’s just sex. It’s just sex. It is just sex. And it is just Kelly Rowland dancing and enjoying her sexiness while she’s still got it. So you can waste time being mad ignoring your own sexiness if you want too, but in the meantime keep doing you Ms. Kelly.

PS: It’s just sex.


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