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What’s Your Sex Number?

This blog ain’t easy. I abandoned it when I was messaged by an Australian gigolo about my good work. Have mercy, how dirty am I getting? I wondered. I want to build an audience but if I’m only attracting this type is this even a good idea? So I decided to stop pursuing it. Unfortunately and of course, that was the wrong choice. Decisions made from fear usually are. But I’m back like a flare up except it won’t be temporary.

I wanted to revive this blog with an interesting topic. The topic of “The Number.” That dreaded question two people in a relationship end up asking each other, “How many people have you slept with?” At one point I responded to that answer with absolute disdain. Why should he care? I’m not cheating and judging by your early ejaculation I’ve kept it tight so why are you going there? It’s simply not your business! I still believe that it is solely up to that person if they want to share their number.

From my own experience, I’ve had two boyfriends ask me this question. I went off both times. My number isn’t low but I’ve had my fun. But at the time I was honestly not sure of what my number even was. One day my sister jokingly dared me to figure out my number so I sat down and wrote down the names of every person I had any sexual contact with. I ended up with a number lower than I expected, much to my disappointment. I was disappointed because the number I estimated was not even close, and on top of that, that false estimate is the number I originally gave my two exes. All of that arguing for nothing! I kept going over the list over and over again, even my sister tried to help me out.

“What about that guy in Jamaica?”

“Yup, got him down.”

“What about the one from Japan?”

“Yeah him too. I cannot believe this is it. I thought I was a legend in these streets!”

She tells me to calm down and is surprised that I’m truly disappointed. I let this news sink in and I’m looking over the names and I’m remembering each one.

“I had some good times.” I say to myself, smiling. My sister hears me and shakes her head.

Try it. Sit down and write out a list of names of your partners, maybe you’ll be surprised too. It’s a nice trip down memory lane, or memory hallway, or memory airport depending on your list.


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